When it comes to wedding there are almost always a lot a traditions involved.
One major tradition is for the bride to wear a wedding garter. Many people just follow the wedding traditions without really asking why.

The tossing of the wedding garter dates back to the dark ages, where it was seen as good luck to snag a piece of the brides clothing. The garter was a symbol of good luck, fertility, consummation and fulfilment. To save the bride’s dress from being ripped apart, the brides started throwing her garter at the male guests. Some of the male guests would even try to rip the garter off the bride’s leg themselves, so naturally the groom had to step in to save his bride’s dignity, so he took it off and tossed it to the single guys instead. The guy who got the garter would be the next to get married and so he would display it on his hat until giving it to the lady of his choosing.

In present times brides typically wear two garters, one tossing garter (to spread the good luck to the guys) and one keepsake garter. The keepsake garter is usually more elaborate and expensive (due to all the delicate details like beading, pearls and sequins). It is usually kept or given to the one next in line getting married. The garters are worn on the right leg, mid-thigh. The groom now removes the garter with his hands and tosses it to the single men. The one who catches is is thought to be the next to get married. It is basically a male version of the throwing of the bouquet.
The keepsake garter is taken off privately later during the honeymoon night.

The bride is actually the lucky one nowadays to not have her dress ripped to pieces by guests looking for good luck!

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